Anger tells us the people and things we carry inside our heart. That’s why our heart becomes heavy…

But once we realize that, maybe we can just gently put these people and things down. No need to keep carrying them inside the heart. Just let them be – the way that they have always been, the way they choose or prefer to be…

Once we lay down all these burdens, our heart becomes lighter… Maybe we can even feel our body lighter, because we are no longer trapped by our anger!

We are finally FREE again – to be who we truly are and meant to be.
Without those people and things that weigh us down, we are mere BLISS!

Go ahead and try it!

Do a quick scan of your anger right now – pick a person or a situation that drives you mad…

And then ask yourself this:
Do I really really want to carry this person or this situation inside my heart? 24/7? Do I have to, really???

What if, just what if, you put this person/situation down… one little finger at a time… just let it be for one minute… two minutes… one hour… or maybe just one day…. See what happens to you: How do you feel when you carry it inside versus when you lay it down?

Does your anger do anything to change you, the person or the situation?

If your answer is No, then why do you keep carrying it inside you and torment yourself like that?? Don’t you have better things to focus on with your limited attention and energy? You don’t have to force yourself to forgive if you’re not ready yet, but at least you can stop punishing yourself for other peoples’ actions.

If your answer is Yes, you find your anger drives you to accomplish more, and make a difference in someone’s life or a bad situation… then maybe you have a calling there!

We know it’s our true calling when the people or situation that tugs your heart makes you pound the table and cry, or makes you so mad that you would scale a mountain regardless… Then you know, my friend, you have received your calling, that is your life vocation to serve humanity in big or small ways, within your capacity.

Now, dear friends, if you find yourself compulsively getting angry, as though you have no choice or control over it, then maybe, what you are dealing with is not anger, but fear… The bigger the fear, the bigger your anger needs to be, as a cover up. So work on your fears, not your anger. You kill two birds with one stone.

If all else fails, try to be as funny as you can. Make everything into a comedy! You will most likely outlive those who are driving you mad now. Since you can’t get rid of them anyway, you might as well give yourself some free entertainment in the “mean” time, right?

Article by Dr. Ng Wai Sheng

Image: Angry Bird by Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Published On: July 16th, 2021 / Categories: Blog Post /