Dr Ng Wai Sheng

Consultation • 咨询

What to expect?

puzzle-greenThe first session is typically an Initial Assessment/Consultation session, consisting of a comprehensive interview and assessment of your presenting concerns and relevant background information. By the end of the first consultation session, I will work with you to identify options and resources that might address your concerns, including but not limited to psychotherapy, psychological testing, and/or other referrals

Clients who decide to start psychotherapy sessions with me may choose to work in the form of individual, couple or family sessions. Psychotherapy is a professional working relationship, with the goal to address your presenting emotional and relational concerns. The primary method used will be verbal interactions, although non-verbal activities may also be used at times. The therapeutic process will involve your self-disclosure and introspection, which may be uncomfortable at times. My role as your therapist is to provide a safe place for your self-exploration and to deepen your self-understanding in your current context, hence empowering you towards relating better with yourself and with others.

Clients are encouraged to commit to at least 6-8 sessions, in order to fully appreciate the therapy experience. The number of psychotherapy sessions required depends on client’s needs and goals. Usually, treatment is completed upon mutual agreement between the client(s) and the therapist. If you prefer to end therapy earlier, one final session is recommended to discuss future plans and if any referral needed.puzzle-orange


All information shared will be kept confidential, with three (3) exceptions: (1) the client is a potential danger to self and others; (2) child or elder abuse is suspected; (3) where mandated by the court or law. Additionally, if this consultation was recommended as part of a service plan, information will be sent to the referral source.








有关您的资料将一概得到保密,除了以下三个情况:(1) 者可能会对自己或他人造成生命危险; (2)有未成年者或年长者怀疑受到虐待; (3) 有关资料被法庭传召。另外,如果此项咨询是由第三者所转介作为他方的服务计划,您的资料有可能会被传送给转介的第三者。