Article by Dr. Ng Wai Sheng 

Image by RedMaiden @ Pixabay

How to hold on to love is probably as important as giving love, if not more important.

If you keep giving away love without holding on to love, you risk burning out quickly, when the journey of love is really a marathon!

If you only hold on to love, you may have a lot of love inside, but not giving away love makes you constipated with love!

How to surf with the tides of love is probably an art that requires many many practices…

How to let love touch you and not overwhelm you too much…

How to BE a recipient of love; open yet contented, not demanding yet always receiving…

Love is always present… Question is:

Do you pick it up?

Do you take it for granted?

Do you believe you deserve to have it?

Not by merits! Love is pure grace. It comes to you when you are not looking. It smiles at you when you are expecting the worst. It cheers you on when it’s also supposed to make you soft and weak… Love is such a mysterious fella that it’s probably easy to overlook it in the most common places!

Like communication, love can be verbal and nonverbal. More than just physical and emotional expressions, often the experience of love is very much spiritual and tacit!

As the fox told the little prince: what’s essential is invisible to the eyes… (Antoine de Saint-Exupery in “The Little Prince”)

Let’s be on the look-out today: where is LOVE speaking to your heart right now? 

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