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Dr. Ng Wai Sheng is the founder and clinical director of Growing Space Psychology Center in Seremban and Kuala Lumpur (KL). She has 18 years of experience in the mental health field, serving in various settings including schools and special needs learning center, social services, as well as inpatient and outpatient clinics. Her experiences include working with children, teens and adults, couples and families. A Fulbright alumnus, Wai Sheng received her Doctorate (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Argosy University, Chicago. She also received advanced training in family therapy at the Asian Academy of Family Therapy, Hong Kong. In addition, she was trained in spiritual companionship under Maranatha Retreat House, Malaysia. Her extensive experiences in psychology, systemic thinking and spiritual formation helps Wai Sheng to develop multiple lenses and perspectives, which often help clients and trainees to explore beyond their current stuck points and discover more loving ways to relate with themselves and others.

Prior to setting up Growing Space, Wai Sheng was a Visiting Consultant at Columbia Medical Centre Seremban and International Medical University Healthcare Centre KL. Wai Sheng was also known for her pioneering work in spearheading the Master of Clinical Psychology program at HELP University KL in 2009, the first among private institutions in Malaysia. Active in mental health training and consultation to local and international groups, Wai Sheng believes in empowering young professionals and paraprofessionals in improving the wellbeing of those under their care. Wai Sheng also co-led a refugee teacher training project that won the 2012 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund supported by the United States Department of State. Besides that, she has been actively involved in the shaping of psychology standards in Malaysia, through her work with the Allied Health Professional Bill Taskforce for Clinical Psychology, as well as the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). Wai Sheng enjoys writing and is featured as an expert writer in Yourtango.com. Check out her articles at drngwaisheng.com!

“I practice wholistic mental health, that is, I help people connect their mental health with physical, relational and spiritual health. In therapy, I use an integrative approach, combining psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, family systems and spiritual frameworks, to help my clients understand the internal and external processes that are affecting them. I believe in listening deeply to my clients’ verbalized and pre-verbalized desires, so we can co-create more life-giving solutions that fit with their inner needs and external context. Learning from my own personal and professional journey, I find great joy in seeing people grow and expand towards greater personal integration and relational satisfaction.” ~ Ng Wai Sheng, Psy.D.puzzle-orange





在创立《心苑》之前,玮璇是芙蓉 Columbia 私人医院以及吉隆坡国际医药大学医疗中心的客座临床心理师。她也曾任教于吉隆坡精英大学,并且在2009年创办了第一个在大马私人学院的《临床心理学硕士班》课程。玮璇热衷于为本地和国外的组织提供心理健康训练和咨询,以便让学习者能够在各自的领域里更有能力地为有需要的人提供一些心理服务或帮助。玮璇曾带领了一支心理治疗师团队为难民区的教师们提供训练,并且荣获由美国外交部赞助的“2012年校友参与创新基金”。为了提升心理学在马来西亚的水平,玮璇也是现任大马资格评估机构心理学课程评估的委员以及大马专职医疗人员条例草案(临床心理学)委员。玮璇享受写作,她的文章可以在以下网站搜寻 Yourtango.com 以及 drngwaisheng.com

“我对心理健康的理念是帮助个人达到全人健康,包括身体、心灵以及人际关系的健康。我会运用综合性的治疗方式,结合了心理动力、人本主义、认知行为以及家庭系统的精髓,以便能更深层地聆听咨询者的内在需要,协助他们突破自己内在与外在的困境。在生命的旅程里,能够看到自己和别人不断地成长,整合自我,更新与他人的关系,这些都让我特别感动、喜悦!” ~ 吴玮璇博士